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Your Immunity Profile

Understand your immunity to viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses including SARS, MERS, the common cold, the flu, and more.

How does this test compare to a regular antibody test?


This test will help you see what COVID-19 variants you have antibodies for. Other antibody tests won’t show you specific antibodies you have immunity to.


You will get confirmation that you have an immune response leftover from a previous infection or vaccination.

Results will help you determine:

  • if you had Covid before

  • if you need another vaccine boost

  • if and when your immunity is declining

  • how protected you are

Your Immunity Profile, an innovative at-home test developed at a top University, is the immunization tracker you may need. 

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For more scientific info on the COVAM test visit:

This tool is not to be used for clinical diagnosis and has not been reviewed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. 


Thanks so much for doing this, it really helps me and gives me confidence that in spite of being classed as immunocompromised (because I was taking oral steroid), I have a good level of antibodies against Covid-19. It’s very reassuring and will encourage me to come out from hiding and begin to live more. It’s also useful to know we haven’t had Covid.

—  Peter

The Covam test answers at least 15 different questions that are not answered by a PCR test:

  • I think I was infected before because I had symptoms like COVID-19. Was it COVID-19? Y/N

  • I’m planning to get vaccinated, and I was previously infected. Do I have an antibody response now? Y/N

  • I was previously infected. Do I still have antibodies from the infection? Y/N

  • I was previously infected. Will my antibody levels go up more after vaccination? Yes

  • Since I was previously infected is my response better than in somebody who was not infected? Yes

  • I got my first shot and since I was already previously infected, do I need a second shot? Yes

  • I got the Moderna. How does my response compare to Pfizer? Equivalent

  • I got the J&J. How do I compare to Moderna and Pfizer? J&J induced weak antibody responses compared to Pfizer & Moderna

  • Do I have antibodies against the Delta variant and other variants? Y/N

  • You measured my mRNA vaccine response on COVAM 4 months ago. Did my antibody levels go down now? Y/N

  • Can I get my antibody levels measured again in a few months? Yes

  • Is my antibody response now as high as it will get after I’m vaccinated. Y/N

  • This is my first Immunity Profile/COVAM antibody test and I already got vaccinated last month. Can you tell if I was previously infected before I was vaccinated? Y/N

  • I’m immunocompromised because I had an organ transplant. Can you help me monitor my response to the vaccine? Yes

  • I got my first and second mRNA vaccines and a booster. Do I need a second booster? Y/N

  • I'm immunocompromised, will this test help me understand the impact of vaccines on me? Yes

  • I have HIV, is this Immunity Profile/COVAM test for me? Yes

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