Covid-19 Testing by an FDA 



What’s different about us?

We are a CLIA certified lab, with the most reliable and accurate testing methodologies, that offers tests in accordance with FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) requirements.

Many websites that offer Covid-19 tests send your test to third-party labs. We do not. We test your sample ourselves.

How it Works



Complete an intake questionnaire that is evaluated by a doctor or nurse practitioner. 


Sample Collection

Get your sample taken at your workplace or receive a testing kit.



Get results and a follow-up consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner.



For Employers

We offer on-site Covid-19 testing for companies who want to keep their employees safe.


For Consumers

Qualifying individuals can access Covid-19 tests.

What People Say About Us

Just wanted to express our gratitude for IHD's continued support with COVID testing for our facility. Our patients greatly appreciate that we can now offer them this test in-house and has decreased the anxiety and stress of having to find testing outside of Kindbody.  The results are returned in a timely manner which is essential for our patients needing this test for surgery clearance. Thank you again for your support!


IHD is the best lab Senneca has ever worked with!


My partner and I have been planning, saving, praying, crying, hoping, and fighting for three years to have a child. Through MHB and Innovative Health Diagnostics our world was changed forever! Thank you all for this miracle.

Steve, Peter, and now Samantha

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