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Timeliness and accuracy are as critical for business as they are for labs

We're proud to be chosen by so many companies to provide their employees with health diagnostics. We've already processed over 500K Covid-19 PCR tests for film and television production companies, schools and universities, corporate offices, and clinics. 

We can schedule ahead or work on demand in a sensitive, timely way to address the dynamics of local and dispersed workforces.

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Covid-19 PCR Testing

  • PCR Testing detects the viral presence of the novel coronavirus, even before symptoms show, and can reduce asymptomatic exposure and spread. Our unique 3-gene PCR platform is equipped to manage new variants.

  • Approved collection methods include shallow nasal, nasopharyngeal, and oropharyngeal.

  • Our PCR Technology utilizes multiple platforms with >95% sensitivity and specificity for scale and supply chain. 

How it Works

Our end-to-end Covid-19 Testing Solution for Employers


Registration and Sample

Employee completes online intake form. IHD sets up a pop-up sample collection clinic at your location or mails collection materials to patient. 




IHD processes the samples in our CLIA-FDA accredited lab using proven and trusted methodology and equipment. 




IHD shares the results with patient and/or HR managers via HIPAA-compliant portal. 



Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After developing the test plan with you for your organization, we coordinate trained collectors to staff pop up testing dates on demand and on location. Employees are registered and staggered for specimen collection. The Innovative Health Diagnostics collector coordinates all logistics and returns samples to laboratory. Testing is performed, and results are sent to employees through a HIPAA compliant portal after 2-3 business days. If required, telemedicine consults are available for patients after results are released.

Why should I be testing my employees?

CDC research has shown that up to 13% of all COVID-19 infections may be transmitted during the presymptomatic (before symptoms) phase, with this phase lasting anywhere between 2 – 14 days (average of 4-5 days). For any organization where staff work in proximity, an unseen outbreak would have severe consequences.

What recommended protocols are in place for testing employees?

Currently, the US Government and CDC are directing Employers to develop and implement policies and procedures for workforce COVID testing and contact tracing. All employers need to consider how best to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact in their workplace. This may include activities in one or more of the following areas: Reduce transmission among employees, maintain healthy business operations, and maintain a healthy work environment. Innovative Health Diagnostics COVID19 testing program allows you to test and not guess when managing employee health and safety.

Who pays for testing?

Currently, insurance does not cover for preventative and regular testing of an employee pool. Innovative Health Diagnostics will work with your organization to leverage a cost-effective and protective strategy that meets the needs of you and your employees.

What types of companies do you work with?

A Biotech company, a PPE company, a Law Firm, a DTC Wellness Company are just a sample of the types of companies working with us on an ongoing basis to keep their employees safe.