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IHD and Mate Fertility Bring Fertility Testing to the Doorstep

Innovative Health Diagnostics and Mate go beyond traditional diagnostics, expanding access to important and reliable fertility tests that can be self-administered anytime and anywhere

Innovative Health Diagnostics, ("IHD"), a CLIA- and FDA-certified lab that empowers every person by providing access to accurate, clinical testing when and where it matters most, announces today its partnership with Mate Fertility (Mate), a fertility care startup bringing high-tech, modern, and affordable care to underserved markets in the U.S.

The partnership expands access to reliable and accurate at-home hormone testing provided by IHD in partnership with Mate. IHD’s at-home Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test is now available through Mate’s marketplace of fertility services and can be ordered and delivered directly to a person’s doorstep, and followed by timely results delivered to the customer.

“Our partnership with Mate furthers our commitment to helping build families by empowering people to take control of their own health through access to at-home fertility tests,” said IHD CEO and Co-Founder David White. “We are aligned with Mate’s mission to increase access to fertility health - whether by geography, affordability or without discrimination - by facilitating the journey at home.”

The IHD-Mate collaboration is the first step in what will be an expansive pipeline for years to come. The partnership meets patients across the country when and where it matters most: in the privacy of their own home. More patients will now be able to access quick, accurate, and timely at-home fertility care during any stage of their journey.

“Mate Fertility has a patient-first mentality and mission to increase access for people trying to conceive,” said Mate CEO Traci Keen. “Together with IHD, we are helping people build families, leveraging IHD’s reliable and accurate diagnostics combined with Mate’s fertility expertise and leading counsel to give people the best chance at expanding their family.”

IHD’s AMH test explains and calculates the size of a person with a uterus’s remaining egg supply - or ovarian reserve - and their chances for conception as they age. The difference in knowing whether AMH levels are high, low, or normal will help people with a uterus determine the next steps in their fertility journey.

The collaboration between IHD and Mate to deliver tests directly to the home increases access, affordability and availability for people to begin their journey to creating a family, if they are able to.

About Innovative Health Diagnostics Innovative Health Diagnostics (IHD) empowers every person by providing access to accurate, clinical testing, when and where it matters most. IHD services include fertility and in vitro fertilization (IVF) testing; FDA donor testing for families completing surrogacies; and COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody testing.

A nimble, collaborative partner, IHD operates with the patient in mind at all times, offering the highest standards of integrity and service, quick turnaround times, and affordability. To learn more, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Mate Fertility Mate Fertility’s mission is to make high quality fertility treatment affordable, accessible and consistent throughout the United States by finding fertility deserts and upskilling OBGYN partner providers under REI supervision to practice at the top of their license while providing best in class patient experience.”


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