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Were you sick with Covid and didn't know?

IHD Advisor, Dr. Jour and IHD were included in Reader's Digest, The Healthy

Dr. Jour shares how it's hard to tell if you've had Covid without testing.

“These variants [COVID-19 variants in the US XBB.1.5 and BQ.1.1,] are highly contagious, but slightly less symptomatic—which means that more people are getting sick, but less people are recognizing it and even less are testing for it,” says Dr. Jour.

“PCR tests are the most reliable for people with or without symptoms and are still considered the gold standard, given their high sensitivity—but people are less likely to seek those out because they’re less convenient and accessible,” he says.

Dr. Jour also says it's still important to get the bivalent booster shot.

Dr. Jour is a board-certified pathologist affiliated with NYU Langone Hospitals in New York and Cooper University Health Center in Camden, New Jersey, and advisory board member and clinical consultant at Innovative Health Diagnostics.

Innovative Health Diagnostics, IHD, offers at-home Covid Neutralizing Antibody tests.


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