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IHD Advisory Board Member on Omicron

IHD's advisor board member, Dr. George Jour was quoted in VeryWell Health's recent article, Omicron is Spreading Quickly, What Can We Expect in the New Year.

Dr. Jour reported that “We're getting close to where we were last year in late December. It's alarming, The next three weeks to four weeks, essentially with the holidays, will be very crucial for the new year.”

Going into 2022, Dr. Jour urged people to practice safety measures like wearing masks, testing if sick or exposed, and seeking out vaccinations and boosters if eligible. These measures can help slow case rates and reduce pressure on healthcare settings, he added.

He went on to say that if people dismiss Omicron as a mild variant, case numbers may spin further out of control.

“Although it's not as virulent, the fact that it's very transmissible, and based on the preliminary data could put us at a risk of going up in the numbers of hospitalizations and mortality,” Jour said.

Read more on VeryWell Health.


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