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HSV IgM Test Phase-Out: Navigating Changes in Clinical Laboratory Practices

The Shift in Clinical Laboratory Testing: HSV IgM Phase-Out

As the clinical laboratory landscape evolves, it's crucial to note the widespread discontinuation of HSV IgM testing. This change is driven by its limited clinical utility and CDC recommendations, with numerous labs nationwide making the shift.

Potential Delays and Rejections: What You Need to Know

In response to these industry-wide modifications, any HSV IgM tests sent to us may face potential rejections or extended turnaround times. Despite our commitment to excellence and timely service, these industry changes compel us to adopt a proactive stance during this transition.

Navigating the Change: Guidance on Alternative Testing

We urge you to factor in these changes when requesting HSV IgM tests. For insights on alternative testing methods, please consult your Account Executive. Our dedicated team is on standby to guide you, ensuring a smooth testing process and optimal patient care results.

Your Trust is Our Priority: IHDLab's Dedication to Quality Diagnostics

Your trust in IHDLab is invaluable to us. We pledge to continue offering precise and trustworthy diagnostic solutions, playing a pivotal role in your patients' health and well-being.


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