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Coffee and Mortality

Sweetening the Pot

Moderate consumption of unsweetened or sugar-sweetened coffee was associated with lower mortality in an observational study.

In large cohort studies, moderate coffee consumption has been associated with lower mortality (NEJM JW Gen Med Aug 15 2017 and Ann InternMed 2017; 167:236,228). Whether such an association holds true for sweetened coffee is unknown. U.K. investigators assessed outcomes in a prospective cohort of >170,000 people(mean age, 56) who were free from heart disease and cancer and who reported drinking unsweetened, sugar-sweetened, or artificially sweetened coffee — or no coffee.

Analyses were adjusted for sociodemographic, lifestyle, and clinical variables.

Compared with non-consumers, consumers of either unsweetened or sweetened coffee had significantly lower mortality after a median7 years; the association was strongest for 2 to 4 cups daily (hazard ratio, 0.7), with less-strong associations for both more and less consumption. Consumption of artificially sweetened coffee was not associated significantly with mortality, but smaller sample size might have limited detection. The type of coffee (i.e., instant, ground, or decaffeinated) did not affect these findings.

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Daniel D. Dressler, MD, MSc, MHM, FACP

Reviewing Liu D et al. Ann Intern Med 2022 May 31 Wee CC. Ann Intern Med 2022 May 31


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