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Wellness from the comfort of your home

Order your Bastion At-home tests

Fulfilled by IHDLab


Order your test today! You will receive your test in 2-3 business days. 


Register your test and collect your blood sample.


Simply drop in your mailbox or take to your nearest USPS.

About the Tests

Details of the Male Fertility Panel

Comprehensive at-home reproductive health assessment and diagnostics for men.


  • Ordering of Semen Analysis Tests and Test Results Analysis

  • Ordering of Genetic Tests & Test Results Analysis (Optional, as required)

  • Comprehensive Fertility Assessment Report

  • Lifestyle guidance

Details of the Prostate Screening Panel

Comprehensive at-home assessment and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) diagnostics for men.


  • Ordering of PSA Tests and Test Results Analysis

  • Ordering of Urinalysis Tests and Test Results Analysis

  • Comprehensive BPH Assessment Report

  • Lifestyle guidance

After You Receive Your Test

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Once you receive your kit, go here to register it. If you do not register your kit, you won't get results and you'll need to complete the test again. 


Test Instructions

Watch the video below or download these PDF instructions on how to complete your at-home test.


Send Your Test

Your test will include a USPS return pack along with a prepaid shipping label. Once your kit is registered and you've followed the instructions to provide your samples, you can drop off your sample in your nearest mailbox or USPS location. You should receive results within 1 week of dropping off your sample. 


Get your results

Your result will be available to you within 24 hours once your sample has been processed by Innovative Health Diagnostics. A result notification will be sent to you either by Text, Email or Both. this is based on the preferred method of contact you selected during the registration process. 


Your test is being fulfilled by our partner Innovative Health Diagnostics (IHD). If you experience technical issues with this page, please email the support teasm at

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