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Covid-19 PCR Testing

  • PCR Testing detects the viral presence of the coronavirus, even before symptoms show.

  • PCR Testing reduces asymptomatic exposure and spread.

  • A collector will come to your location to draw blood samples and ship them to our CLIA-FDA accredited lab.

  • Our telemedicine partners will advise on the medical supervision required by your state.

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How it Works



IHD sets up pop-up sample collection clinic at your school.




IHD processes the samples in our CLIA-FDA accredited lab using proven and trusted methodology and equipment. 




IHD shares the results with patient and/or ordering school official via HIPAA-compliant portal. 



Frequently asked questions

What's next?

After developing the test plan with you for your school, we coordinate trained collectors to staff pop up testing dates on demand and on location. Staff and students are registered and staggered for specimen collection. The Innovative Health Diagnostics collector coordinates all logistics and returns samples to laboratory. Testing is performed, and results are sent to designated school officials through a HIPAA compliant portal. If required, telemedicine consults are available for patients after results are released.

Why should I be testing my staff and students?

CDC research has shown that up to 13% of all COVID-19 infections may be transmitted during the presymptomatic (before symptoms) phase, with this phase lasting anywhere between 2 – 14 days (average of 4-5 days). For any organization where people work in proximity, an unseen outbreak would have severe consequences.

What is the CDC recommended protocol for schools?

Currently, the US Government and CDC are recommending that children should return to full-time in-person learning and schools should have prevention strategies in place. Among these strategies, the CDC recommends screening testing. To be effective, the screening program should test at least once per week, and rapidly report results. Innovative Health Diagnostics COVID19 testing program allows you to test and not guess when managing staff and student health and safety.

Who pays for testing?

Currently, insurance does not cover for preventative and regular Covid-19 testing. Innovative Health Diagnostics will work with your organization to leverage a cost-effective and protective strategy that meets the needs of staff and students.


"IHD was an integral part in ICEF Public Schools inviting all 2,300 students to return to school during the pandemic. They provide a turnkey solution and quick turnaround times for testing. They have a true interest in the children and families and want to keep them safe and healthy." ~ ICEF Public Schools