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Meet Us

We're excited to meet you. We'll be attending the VIVE Conference in Nashville, TN, March 26-29, 2023, booth #1455.

We're a CLIA-FDA accredited lab that makes diagnostics easier for you and your patients.

  • No more missed appointments

  • No need for phlebotomists or visits to a lab

  • Helpful pre-screening before procedures

Learn how you can accelerate your at-home testing services.


Music City Center | Nashville

Level 3 Exhibit Hall

IHD Booth #1455


Seamless Testing:

  • Better Customer Experience and Outcomes

    • We enable your brand to introduce at-home testing for initial diagnostics and recurring testing prior to more extensive testing/treatment.​

  • Seamless Technology Integration and Customer Experience

    • IHD offers robust APIs for easy integration and provides an end-to-end full-service customer experience.​

  • Custom white-labeled kits built specifically for the unique mix of tests required by you and your patients.

How it Works


Registration and Sample

Brand sends customer order to IHD and IHD sends custom kit to patient for sample collection. Patients returns kit to IHD for processing.




IHD shares the results with patient and/or brand via HIPAA-compliant portal. 




IHD processes the samples in our CLIA-FDA accredited lab using proven and trusted methodology and equipment. 

  • What tests do you offer?
    We currently offer several at-home tests. See our shopping page for more information. We also offer tests through physicians and partners.
  • Where can I have my blood drawn?
    IHD has several locations that accept walk-ins or require appointments. You can visit one close to you for a venous blood draw. See our locations page for more information.
  • How do I get my results?
    If you purchased an at-home test from our website, please log into to register your test and see your results. If your test was ordered by your physician, please contact your physician for results.
  • How long do test results take?
    The answer depends on the specific test we're processing for you. Test result times can range from 24-72 hours after we receive your specimen.
  • Is testing confidential?
    Yes. All health data is stored locally on our internal server, in compliance with HIPAA laws. Aside from our CDC-mandated responsibilities to report SARS-CoV-2 results to your state health department, and to your ordering physician, no other persons, organizations, or entities are allowed access to your data without your strict permission.
  • How do I pay my bill ? Who do talk I to about Billing?
    If you received an invoice from Innovative Health Diagnostic and/or MD Tox Laboratory, you can submit your credit card information on our billing page. Or contact our Billing Department at 844-358-5099 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM PST.

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