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Lola joins your Fertility Journey

You Have been gifted Lola

Help her Help a Family in Need and WIN for your Practice


A pic is worth a thousand.......................

At IHDLab, we cherish the opportunity to help create beautiful families. To provide extra support, comfort, and care during the fertility journey, we have introduced Lola, the magical unicorn.


Take a photo with Lola that showcases this support, and we will gift your practice a magical lunch party worth $1,000, courtesy of IHDLab. Multiple parties will win! Join us in celebrating the magic of new beginnings.

Rules to Win

1.   Take a photo with Lola

2.  Post to Instagram and/or LinkedIn

3.  Tag #IHDLola

4.  Magical Lunch Prizes will be awarded August 15. 

5.  Every Picture, Post with Tag will receive a gift from IHDLab!

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