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Lab Technician 

Job Description

Schedule: Monday-Friday, 12pm-8:30pm

The Laboratory Technician will be responsible for performing the activities listed below, with strict adherence to regulatory requirements and always under the direct and constant supervision of the licensed CLS, CCS, or CGMB. This on-site supervision is required during the entire time the laboratory technician assists in testing.

Scope of responsibilities include (other duties may be assigned):

  • Adherence to all IHD's procedures and protocols for specimen collection, handling and processing, patient preparation, labeling, handling, preservation or fixation, transportation and storage of specimens, preparation and storage of reagents, loading of specimen tubes into racks and initiating the starting of the testing instrument. May assist in maintaining patient records and patient test results with strict adherence to our Quality Assurance standards.

  • Laboratory Technician must be under direct and constant supervision of licensed personnel in all testing areas (pre-analytical), analytical, post-analytical).

  • Primary responsibilities include assisting CLS's with a variety of functions associated with technical procedures. Basic clinical functions may include specimen processing, specimen storage and retrieval, preparing patient worksheets, pipetting from set volume and/or automated pipetted dispensers, downloading computer files for CLS analysis, and the operation of robotic systems used for aliquoting and dispensing of reagents and specimens.

  • Preparation of reagents according to approved SOP's, if assigned. Safely discard expired reagents and hazardous waste according to approved SOP's.

  • Responsible for maintaining adequate reagent and consumable supplies in assigned area.

  • Responsible for assisting in the performance of quality control procedures and its documentation.

  • Assist with preventive maintenance in assigned area.

  • Assist in testing trouble shooting for an assigned area.

  • Assist with maintaining inventory supply levels.

  • Assist in the overall operation of the lab, for example, focus on helping the lab achieve reductions in turnaround time.

  • Assist in maintaining records of proficiency testing.

  • All other duties as necessary.

  • The Laboratory Technician is NOT allowed to perform the following:

  • Interpret or release test results.



Job Type: Full-time

Please apply by clicking the link below and attach your resume. Emails without resumes will not be processed. 

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