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Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)

Job Description

Under supervision of the Laboratory Director, the CLS will be responsible for performing moderate and high complexity testing, and supervision of unlicensed personnel (aides, assistants, technicians), with strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Scope of responsibilities include (other duties may be assigned):

  • Adhere to all IHD's procedures and protocols to ensure testing is accurate and run in an appropriate manner with strict adherence to our Quality Assurance standards.

  • Perform and maintain records of proficiency testing samples.

  • Responsible for performing and documenting quality control procedures, technical trouble shooting, and maintaining adequate reagent and consumable supplies in assigned area.

  • Responsible for instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed and documentation of such actions as assigned.

  • Follow the laboratory’s established policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s defined acceptable levels of performance.

  • Genetic Testing – Genotype Analysis which includes reagent preparation, DNA extraction, genotype interpretation, quality monitoring and reporting of patient results. Operation and maintenance of general purpose laboratory equipment as required. Adherence to unidirectional workflow. Assistance to unlicensed personnel in the laboratory for oversight/guidance during bench work. Preparation of all reagents requiring measurement for DNA extraction.

  • Perform chemistry assays using a chemistry autoanalyzer or by mass spec.

  • Assist with technical troubleshooting and process improvements with focus on helping the lab achieve reductions in the turnaround time.

  • Comprehensive understanding of IHD's science as it applies to correlation of patient test results during final report review with regular participation in this phase of the laboratory process. This requires exceptional attention to detail.

  • Responsible for interpretation, acceptance and releasing patient test results and QC values.

  • Responsible for performing all mathematical calculations within the testing phases (pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical).

  • Responsible for all calibration and related activities.

  • Adhere to IHD's Health & Safety Guidelines: IHD's has established Health and Safety guidelines for the personal protection of each individual working in the laboratory. Training is provided annually and review is provided as needed during staff and team meetings. Strict adherence to the guidelines is required.

  • Communications: Demonstrate good judgment in the proper mode of communications in group and individual situations. Adapt your style to fit the audience and their reaction.

  • Creativity and Innovation: Contribute to delivering the solution. Identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Flexibility: Adapt and be able to work in a changing environment. Produce high quality work product under pressure and within deadlines.

  • Leadership: Be aware of the needs of colleagues. Strive to achieve team goals. Ask for and accept advice or guidance, as necessary. Take responsibility for your work. Be self-motivated. Cultivate trust in all relationships.


  • License Required:

    • CA-Licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) or

    • CA-Licensed Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist (CGMB) or

    • CA-Licensed Clinical Chemist Scientist (CCS)

  • Minimum 2 years Clinical Laboratory experience preferred.

  • Knowledge of CLIA and California regulatory requirements preferred.


Job Type: Full-time

Please apply by clicking the link below and attach your resume. Emails without resumes will not be processed. 

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