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Next Steps to Results


Register your kit

Once you receive your kit, fill out the enclosed registration card and go to register your kit online. Be sure to return the registration card in the kit.


Provide a Blood sample

Watch the videos below or download these instructions (ADX Card Instructions, Microtainer Collection Instructions) on how to complete your at-home test.


Mail your sample

Once your kit is registered and you've followed the instructions to provide your samples, you can drop off your sample at the nearest FedEx location or drop-box. (Note: FedEx cut-off times are subject to drop-off locations and holidays. It’s best to ship your test on Monday thru Thursday.)


Your kit includes a prepaid shipping label and shipping return pak.



Your result will be available to you within a few days once your sample has been received at Innovative Health Diagnostics. A result notification will be sent to you by email. 

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