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LAB Testing
Empowering Health
timely and accurately

At Home Testing

Clinical Testing

Women's Health

Digital Health

Your Health, Your Business, Your Control, we are Your LAB

The Lab with 

Our expertise in the areas of Women's Health, Fertility, IVF, STIs, Men's Health, and General Wellness, tested with care and precision.

Service Centers

Quick and Easy testing from one of our many Patient Service Centers throughout California with our skilled Phebolomist.

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myself, I'd Know.

"A Partner LAB that delivers results you can trust."
-Labby the Labrador

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As Seen in

Our Mission is to empower every person with access to accurate and actionable clinical testing when and where it matters most

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Digital Health

Our DaaS infrastructure includes building test kits, processing test samples, and integrating with your web portal through our custom APIs. Our all-in-one solution ensures a comprehensive process for your digital health services and patients.

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Providers & Clinics

Seamless testing solutions for providers and clinics, ensuring fast turnaround times and convenient courier pickups. We make testing easy and hassle-free, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering quality care.



Enhance availability of preventive healthcare and employee well-being by empowering individuals to conveniently monitor and oversee their health from the convenience of their own homes.

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