Use of Telehealth

You are using an electronic and remote service, which may be considered telemedicine, to determine if you are eligible to receive a order for laboratory test, or to receive modifications to a order you have already received from the service or elsewhere.


This service offers great benefits in regards to convenience and cost of care but also may carry risk. This risk includes but is not limited to, delays in transmission of information, breach of PHI due to security or process failure, and insufficient information for a professional to reach an appropriate clinical decision.


Therefore, in using this service you have acknowledged there is risk involved that may not exist if you were to visit a health professional in-person, and you consent to being treated in this manner.

You understand that this service is limited in scope, and intended only to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a order for certain laboratory test. If deemed eligible for a order, you accept that you are receiving a requisition from a health professional after health information has been collected and has been evaluated asynchronously by a health professional.


You acknowledge that the information collected may not be sufficient for a health professional; and therefore, you are aware that medical necessity of the order cannot be assured.


You are aware that truthful answers to all questions. You understand that if you do not provide truthful answers to all questions, you are at greater risk your order may not be medically necessary, and that the doctor you are connected with will rely solely on the information you have provided to decide whether or not a specific test is applicable for use with you.

You accept that based on your tests or health information it may be determined that you are not eligible for a test order and therefore a test order nor any certain result is guaranteed by the service.

You accept that you have read through all the terms and conditions contained on this website and are making an informed decision to use a remote and electronic a test order service. You also accept that due to this remote nature truthful answers to all questions are vitally important as they play a role in determining if you are eligible for a a test order.