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Weight Loss Webinar

Unpacking the Role of GLP-1 Medications

Key Insights into Modern Obesity Management

Topics Discussed

  1. Exploring the transformative role of GLP-1 medications in obesity management.

  2. Unpacking the complexity of obesity: A look at genetic, environmental, and social factors.

  3. Spotlight on the side effects of long-term GLP-1 use: An emerging concern.

  4. Navigating the GLP-1 medication shortage: The upcoming drug, Mounjaro, and other alternatives.

  5. The role and limitations of bariatric surgery in obesity management.

  6. Harnessing wearable technology in obesity management: The challenge of "dirty data".

  7. Compounded GLP-1s: A discussion on their potential costs and limitations.

  8. The critical role of lab tests in obesity management: A focus on diabetes and renal function.

  9. The importance of cortisol testing in understanding metabolic health in obesity management.

  10. Embracing a multifaceted approach to weight loss: The role of metabolic function and digital health companies.

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